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KUTFTBL™ Pre-Scrunched Socks

Great drip

My 13 y/o son loves the look of these socks! He’s smaller than the average kid so the foot part is still big but everything else is great! Will most likely be getting more next season!

Trend setting

Stays up the entire. Looks so neat and fresh

KUTFTBL™ Pre-Scrunched Sock Sleeves


My son 7th grade QB1 and his response after he put them on. I love them!! They fit perfectly! He loved them in game also!

Loved it

Loved the socks


My son is passionate about sports and he enjoys accessorizing, these socks were a perfect addition to his sports attire!

KUTFTBL™ Pre-Scrunched Socks

Awesome socks

There were comfortable and they looked great

Pre-Scrunched Socks

They’re great and I will definitely purchase again


Great product would recommend! The best socks

Im a soccer player

10/10 mannnnn it even holds my shinguards in place. No tape. Nothing. Super happy. Gonna grab white next time 🕺🏽

KUTFTBL™ Pre-Scrunched Sock Sleeves

Great socks for a great price.

Shipping took 5 days but the socks are great!

Great look

I love the look of them we just wont be able to wear them because of the color that doesn't match and the coach wont let them be used

Black and white scrunch sleeves

10/10 they stay scrunched and are perfect

Youth scrunched socks

Best brand for the scrunched look. We have tried them all and my son likes these the best. They stay in place and always look great. We purchased two colors and will purchase more. They washed well too.

KUTFTBL™ Pre-Scrunched Sock Sleeves

Best Football Socks

I dont know why other brands claim to be the best football socks when these are wayyy better i’ve had other brands and they arent very long, rip easy, and fall apart after one tackle but these look super good and stay scrunched the whole game 10/10 would buy again.

love them so much. stay scrunched all game haven’t had to adjust at all. extremely comfortable and make me feel like i have more support

Great but...

These socks a amazing buuuuuut they're NEVER in stock.

Review for white scrunch socks and sleeves

These socks are very good. Be careful when putting on though because the elastic band ( that makes the sick stay scrunched ) on each side can easily rip if your tugging and pulling hard on the sock. Otherwise these are great socks, they stay up all game, truly, all game. They also just look great and drippy, if your worried abt anything, don’t, there great and your gonna be dropped out.

My son loves them